PoSAT-1 Applications

PoSAT-1 user's segment includes ground terminals located at:

  1. INETI, LAER, Lisbon
  2. Universidade da Beira Interior, Covilhã
  3. Instituto da Juventude da Guarda, Guarda
  4. Universidade do Algarve, Faro
  5. NRP António Enes Naval Vessel
  6. Companhia de Transmissões nš 5, Angola (UN)
  7. Estação Rádio Naval de Algés, Lisbon
  8. Estação Rádio Naval da Horta, Azores

The Terminals are specified, developed and maintained by INETI. For technical information about the terminals please contact DOP.

PoSAT-1 is being used as a store&forward communications system for the Portuguese Armed Forces deployed outside the borders of Portugal, in the context of United Nations peace keeping missions, such as in Angola.

The Portuguese General Chief of Staff is also using the PoSAT-1 communication capabilities to transfer data between several facilities, including the mobile NRP António Enes Naval Vessel.

INETI and several Universitites are using PoSAT-1 for scientific and training purposes.

INETI organized in 1994/95 a 11 months course in Aerospace Technologies for industrial engineers. Several technical notes covering the technology of PoSAT-1 or topics of interest for future national satellites have been produced.

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